Complete All Grain Brewing system

I am selling my All Grain brewing system due to up scaling.  It comprises..

HLT                         =             Burco  F45L with TC and SS Ball valve fitted – integral T-Stat bypassed

Scales                    =             Proship 181kg max

Mash Tun            =             60Ltr Coleman Cooler with SS Ball valve

Boil Kettle           =             Burco C30STHF with TC and SS Ball valve fitted – integral T-Stat bypassed

Control                 =             2 x PID with associated SSR to control HLT & Boil Kettle.


The controller is housed in an IP65 rated steel enclosure with two PID controllers, one for the HLT and one for the boil kettle.  Power is supplied via a Blue 16A 2P+E and outputs are on Powercon locking connectors.  TC’s are connected via Type K plug and sockets.

There is also a 555 timer circuit which can control the Boil Kettle output if desired.  This would be useful if a larger element was used in a boil kettle, switch the PID out and put the timer in control of the boil.  As it is, the PID set to 100c keeps a steady rolling boil with the Burco I use.

I use electronic scales to measure the Strike water volume to the Mash Tun, very accurate as 1lt weighs 1kg.  Fill HLT reset scales then run into Mash Tun and watch scales readout, no drama!

All Stainless Steel taps have Cam and Groove part F fittings.

The brew stand is made from 40mm square steel box section, so, brick outside lav construction!

Dimensions are 136cm long x 155cm high x 560mm wide.

It will have to be collected from Buckland in Oxfordshire and it’s a two person job, so ensure you have help at your destination.

I am looking to sell it as a complete system and will not sell in bits.  I am asking £500 for the lot, no haggling please.

If you would like to contact me –

Stand-1 Stand-2 Stand-3 Stand-4 Tap-1 Boil Kettle-1 Boil Kettle-2 Boil-plate Chiller-1 Control-1 Control-2 Control-3 HLT-1 HLT-2 HLT-plate MashTun-1 Scales-1

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