I started making craft or artisan cider here in Oxfordshire around 2008. My first attempt was a complete write-off! I hired an excellent Vigo Scratter and Press which did a great job of scratting and pressing the apples I had scrounged together, all of which were eaters and cookers, with the greater proportion being cookers. The resulting cider was thin, acetic and totally undrinkable! I decided to Google how to make Cider and came across The Cider Workshop Google Group, this was the turning point for me. If you need advice on any aspect of Cider making this is the place to go.

A regular contributor to the Cider Workshop forum is Andrew Lea. Andrew has helped me out with much needed advice when I found myself clueless. Have a look at this web site for the Wittenham Hill Cider Portal, it’s a mine of information! http://www.cider.org.uk/content2.htm

I hope to keep this web site updated with photographs and maybe video, if I remember to set it up before I start scratting and pressing.

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